Faces of Hong Kong and Faces of China is the latest development in the world of destination management in Asia. The Faces of Group has been established by senior industry executives with many years of experience in their previous DMC executive positions.

Well known to the destination management field, Jacques Arnoux is the Director of the new Faces of Group. Jacques is a veteran of the travel and events industry in Asia who founded a global famed Destination Management company in 1980s before retiring in 2013.

Faces of Hong Kong is led by another of the industry leaders, Ivy Sung as CEO and joint founder. Ivy is highly regarded and brings over 30 years of event knowledge and organizational expertise. Ivy and her team have delivered exceptional programs in Hong Kong and Macau since 1981.

The latest addition to this new operation is Faces of China (Beijing and Shanghai) established by another highly regarded professional, Cindy Zhang who as CEO will oversee the development of the business and ensure the highest level of service delivery.

Hong Kong is known as the Pearl of the Orient.  The pearl and the oyster almost perfectly characterize the essence of the Hong Kong China culture and encapsulate the origins as well as advantages of the one country, two systems.

Hong Kong is one of the most highly populated areas in the entire world and embodies the quintessence of the culture of the Orient, its people, traditions, arts and legacy. Itís a diversified city catering for every need.

Faces of Hong Kong and China (Beijing and Shanghai)
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